Aaron Duran is creating Stories!

Class 1 Orb

$1 /mo
Hey, this is just a cool way for you to say thanks and help me out. Plus, one day you can totally say you were an orb on this page and that you helped make <insert epic award-winning movie> a...

Class 2 Floating Mist

$5 /mo
Every month I will post a script from a previous work for you to enjoy. As it stands, it will be a long time before I run out. This will go back to some of my earliest work, so be ready for some re...

Class 3 EVP

$10 /mo
Dang it Aaron, this is a audio level and the other two were visual. I know, but I really like EVPs and I wanted to work it in. Come on, I'm using ghost hunting terms here, stop busting my ectoplasm...

Class 3 Shadow

$20 /mo
Okay, here is where things get really fun. Fans of La Brujeria know that Chuey loves to cook for the crew at Golden Bought Pawn, whether they want him to or not. Well now his love for food gets to ...

Class 4 Haunt

$30 /mo
Remember when I said you get to be a part of the story? Here we go... Eric and Heather are not the only bit of oddity in the small town of Grizzlydale. It's a place filled with paranormal dangers a...