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Wh... Wher... Where am I?

It's ok, relax... This is the Patreon page for Geekism, a YouTube community focusing on video games with a simulation or creativity vibe. You're with friends now, put the haddock down...

Is 'Geekism' even a real word?

No. At least not until the Oxford English dictionary start replying to my emails. 'Geekism' is the brain child of Jonti Sparrow, who enjoys writing about himself in the third person. It's a place for fun, engaging and intellectual (in a sense) content based around creative & simulation video games and the gaming industry as a whole. There's no shoutiness, no titles in ALL CAPS and no clickbait. Just honest, enjoyable content for the discerning YouTube viewer. 

OK, so let's hear the pitch...

I love making content for people like you. Yes, you, right there. 'Let's Plays', tutorials, commentary on video games and the industry in general. I love making all of it. Unfortunately, making videos takes a lot of time and the equipment required takes a lot of money, so making each video better than the last (which I try to do, honest) takes even more time and even more money.

Doesn't YouTube pay you?

Well, kinda... You get advertising revenue from any adverts that are served before your videos, I can't pick when or which advert is shown and the 'CPM' (how much you get paid per 1000 viewings of an ad) can vary wildly every day. Also, its a MUCH smaller amount than you'd probably think... I could go down the route of making 'CRAZY' videos with thumbnails like this:

...that get the views*, but ideally I'd like to make the content that YOU want to watch, content that YOU (hopefully) subscribed to me in the first place for.

*No offence to YouTubers who do this btw, I just can't. Seriously, I tried... it was awful. My first few videos are set to private for a reason.

Cry me a river... Get a job, ya bum!

This is my job! I'm a full time content creator due to the incredibly generous pledges I receive here :)

I'm sorry, I haven't really got the disposable income right now...

No worries! Times are tough! Just keep enjoying the content, it will ALWAYS be free at point of use (like a better managed NHS) and be secure in the knowledge that I love you, just the way you are!

OK, I can spare a couple of bucks, what do I do now?

Well, awesome! Check out the donation tiers on the right of the page. Take a look and see what takes your fancy. Thanks, you're the best!
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