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2 dollars is just as expendable as an endless supply of magical extra-dimensional badgers, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Thank you very much for your support! Every dollar helps, just like every badger is a useful tool for gaining knowledge! To show our appreciation, we will thank you on your show(s) of choice. 

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Check for traps! You believe there to be no traps. >.> Is it locked? You believe it to be unlocked. <.<;;; Open the door!  You get ... access to outtakes and Patron exclusive content for all the shows!! You also get everything from the Badger tier. 


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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;) We appreicate your support so much, we will name an NPC in your honor. You get to choose the show(s) your fantasy doppleganger will appear on. You also get everything from the Normal Looking Door tier. 




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About Geekspective

We need your support! Each of our podcasts are funded by our listeners, and without you, we wouldn’t be able to create this content. Show your love for your favorite podcast by donating!

Podcasting is difficult and requires talent. Josh, Dave, and Amber were given special talents, but they're still missing something important to them. They've decided to travel to see the Wizard, where he will bestow them gifts to make them whole.

However, the journey will be harrowing and expensive due to Amber and Dave’s brisket requirements and Josh’s refusal to ride in anything other than a self-driving car. So they’ll only be able to reach the Wizard with your continued support.

Dave would like the Wizard to give him eternal love for the beauty of humanity because he doesn’t have that. If the Wizard doesn’t have that lying around, it wouldn’t be a big deal or anything. Dave’s doing fine without eternal love for the beauty of humanity. It’s just that through your support, they’ll be in front of the Wizard and they’re supposed to ask for something. Dave wants the Wizard to take his time and finish whatever wizard shit he needs to do first. Dave’s not in a hurry.

Maybe Dave shouldn’t have gone first.

Josh wants a hat that looks good on him. With his grotesquely large and misshapen head, there are no hats in all the land that can cover the volcanic dome that he calls a skull. With your support, Josh will go to the Wizard and ask him to enlarge a normal fez until it is big enough even for Josh’s head.

But that may not be as difficult as it seems, because Amber wants a new brain. Specifically, she wants Josh’s brain. If you support Geekspective through Patreon, Amber will ask the Wizard to remove Josh’s brain and implant it into her skull. For all she knows, it’s a pretty good idea. Only after the procedure she’ll realize she’s a monster.

When donating, please make sure to specify which podcast(s) you are supporting so we can allocate your funds correctly. Join us, and together, we can make our dreams come true.
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Flattery Will Not Register A Domain

If it could, we wouldn't be meeting on Patreon like this. Thank you! We now have enough support to offset website hosting and domain registration costs.
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