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Welcome to the new-and-improved G2G Patreon! As of August 2020, we have revamped our Patreon. Instead of supporting a single podcast, your support goes toward producing a monthly digital magazine on gaming and geekery called Press Start.

We want this to be a slightly different kind of video game magazine, so we've kind of tagged it that we are telling stories about video games and their players. While our focus is games and gaming, we want to look at more than just news and reviews.

Every month will have a specific theme, and backers at all levels will have access to the entire archive of back issues when you subscribe, plus any new content that is published while you're subscribed.

For those of you who are already members of the G2G community during the changeover, know that nothing is changing in terms of what we're currently producing and we want this campaign to be a major value-add for current Patrons.

As G2G has grown from a single podcast and we have added contributors, the focus of where our original content has expanded, too. We don't do just podcasts anymore, and a great deal of our content now comes from the collective blog, The Geekery. That is not going to change in any way. 

Since we started Geek to Geek (the network and the podcast), most of it has run on passion, grit, and friendship. We like bringing free content to people. And that’s not going to change.

Check It Out!

You can check out a sample of the magazine here (PDF or text versions available):

What's Next?

As we grow, we will expand that into exclusive multimedia content available through Patreon and its tools, The Geekery website, and Discord (among others).

In addition to the digital magazine, we are considering livestreams, exclusive articles, podcasts, and videos. We very much appreciate your support, and we cannot wait to get more involved in bringing you the kind of content you want.


I just want to mention that we do not support nor tolerate the toxic, vitriolic nature that many geek and gamer communities have. Geek to Geek strives to provide a safe, positive, and inclusive space for everyone who wants to be a part of our community in any way Whether you are a podcast subscriber, a Twitch viewer, a Patron here, or a member of our Discord, Slack, or Twitter conversations, you are safe. And we love you.

Your support for this project gives us the freedom to focus on making high-quality content for the community. 


Editor-in-Chief of PRESS START Digital Magazine
Co-founder of Geek to Geek media
33% complete
Reaching this goal will unlock a monthly livestream gaming session-turned-podcast available to Patrons of all levels.

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