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Pledging in multiples of the tier amount will count toward additional episodes during the month.

Additionally, you will be given the Official Sponsor Discord role on our server.

Example: "This episode is brought you to by Void's weird magical pinky toenail!" And then we spend a full minute expounding on the virtues of Void's awesome pinky toenail and why you guys should buy one, too!

(Again, topics are subject to approval and Apple Podcasts clean rating, but we'll work with ya! Also, we have 2 ad spaces per episode. Multiple months at this tier will put your ad in the queue each month.)

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First off, thank y'all for being so awesome and supporting this project. I am so, so, so stoked to see folks interested in a positive, fun, inclusive community for geeks!

When we sat down to plan the Geek to Geek Podcast, we had two main intentions:

  1. We wanted to make a clean podcast that anyone could listen to, from adults to kids to adults with their kids.

  2. We wanted it to be more than the typical "two dudes talking" podcast. We work very hard each week to have a structured, topics-based podcast that brings value to your week and (hopefully) gives you a few things to think about when we're done.

We love talking about Star Wars and Zelda and Mario and Captain America and Ninja Turtles and Duck Tales and...well, you get it. But we love talking about those things in ways that matter and enrich our lives in some small way.


Very briefly, I just want to mention that we do not support nor tolerate the toxic, vitriolic nature that many geek communities have. The Geek to Geek Podcast strives to provide a safe, positive, and inclusive space for everyone who wants to be a part of our community in any way Whether you are a podcast subscriber, a Patron here, or a member of our Discord, Slack, Reddit, or Twitter conversations, you are safe. And we love you.


Patreon is built for community interaction, and that's a big motivator for us. We love the internet. Just love it. We love making friends and being part of a community, and that’s what Patreon is about. It’s perfect for creators who love people, love the internet, and love making new, awesome things...for people on the internet.

Your support for this project gives us the freedom to focus on making extra content for those of you who want it.



We will be updating the tiers of rewards over time, so if there's something you think would be great to have, let us know!
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If we can reach $150 per month, we will start recording minicasts to accompany each episode. These will cover a separate topic related to our geekery for the week, either with a Cool New Thing or expand on something we couldn't fit into the main show. Either way, you win!
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