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About The Geek Watch Podcast

"Greetings, Geekwatchers! And welcome to The Geek Watch Podcast. I'm Brian Hatcher, and with me, as always, Geek Watch's own resident Geek Goddess, Mandy Petry."

The Geek Watch Podcast has posted weekly podcasts since July 14th, 2017. Hosts Brian Hatcher and Mandy Petry discuss a mixture of news along with their commentary and opinions concerning geek culture. Television, movies, games, cosplay, and much more.

The money from this Patreon will be used to pay operating cost and for new equipment. As we continue to grow, we will also be adding new content to this page and developing new tier rewards. The Geek Watch Podcast, however, has always been and will always be available for everyone to listen to free of charge.

The Geek Watch Podcast is available everywhere great podcasts can be found, as well as on YouTube and Facebook. Check out the links below: 

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Brian and Mandy

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