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lots of love
per month

With this package you help me getting closer to my goals. You show me lots of love and that you appreciate my art. I will be thankful even with the smallest amount you support me.

Here you will get


  • acces to the early stages of my paintings, like photos of sketches during the creating process
  • informations on my plans about my art and art supplies which I use
  • Q&A about me, my business and all kinds of stuff, you can also ask what you want to see next.
  • A lot of love from my side!
per month

You can follow my "work in progress" on a lot of paintings.

In this tier you get all the stuff from the first tear and additionally this exclusive benefits:

  • 5 % discount in my Etsy-Shop

  • A monthly video which could be ...
  • ... a WIP Time-Lapse Video where you can watch me painting 
  • ... a Video where I talk about art supplies & explain how I use them
  • ... a tutorial video on an art technic I am trying out

You can always give ideas on what you want to see next!

Very Special!
per month

This tier is very special and comes with a lot of bonus!

You will get all the rewards that are in the memberships above and additional:


  • A monthly Fine Art Print of one of my works that will be handsigned by me. I will select one per month that will be shipped to you. This could be a lettered design, a print of an artwork or also a graphical design.
  • You'll get a surprise goodie in you're monthly delivery.
  • 10% instead of 5% on all that is in my Etsy-Shop




per month


Hey there!
Nice to see you here!

I am Nadine, an artist and designer from Germany. What I create comes directly from my heart and I want to reach any kinds of emotion with it. At least I really love when you get touched in some way.

Starting this journey on Patreon I will give you access to exclusive content of my work. Depending on your membership you will get work in progress videos, included wallpapers, graphics, discount on my etsy shop and physical extras like prints.

Following me on Patreon will mean that you help me to follow my passion to create.
You will help me doing what my heart tells me to.

This is how you can help me

Here on Patreon you can support my art beginning with the small amount of 1$. This shows that you appreciate my work and that you really like to see what I am doing.
ou can choose the benefits that are most suitable for you. Of course it is possible to cancel your membership at any time.

Hope to see you on my journey as an artist!
$0 of $100 per month
This monthly amount would help me finance basic art supplies such as papers and some colors. 
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