Fukagawa Geisha are creating new trainee geisha to carry on the geisha traditions in Tokyo

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$1 /mo
Patreon Exclusive Blog

Your support and patronage keeps the tradition alive. You will be taking care of your very own geisha, following her training progress, and helping t...


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Monthly Set of Photos

Patrons at this level gain access to a monthly photo collage, and of course, the blog written by your little geisha.

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Deeper Insight

Every full month Patrons remain subscribed at this level, we will share with you an exclusive video on your trainee geisha. Plus access to all rewards from the level before.

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Google Hangout!

Patrons at this incredibly generous monthly level gain access to an exclusive, monthly live hangout where you will see and hear from your Geisha in trainin...

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Be a Guest

Want a private session to gain acquaintance with your very own geisha? 
Then be a guest at a special online banquet! Your little geisha will dress up specia...