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With this, you can see the images (not including the adult content) with the sketches of the process

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You can see all the adult content without censorship... You know what I mean.

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You can see all the adult content without censorship, including the sketches and the first layer of colour.

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About Gema AVer

Hello! I'm Gema Aver.

I'm from Spain, and would love to show you all I can do, and test all my drawings skills.

Here you'll find:

Illustrations, fanarts, comics and adult content art

For me, it's really important to know about about all the people that is supporting me, so I'll do surveys to know what do you want to see. I'm here to listen to you!

At the moment, you could support me in different ways:

  1. Come on! I Support you! With this plan and only 1$ you can see illustrations and fanarts and the process in images (i'll try to make a video too), but no the adult content art or comics and fanarts with this kind of content.
  2. I want more It's a plan that with 3$ you could see all my illustrations and fanarts, including the adult content art ;). 
  3. With Gimme more! you could have access to the fanarts, illustrations, adult content art and the process of all.
  4. And finally, with Oh yeah, darling you will be able to see a 1-page comic with or without adult content art.
Meanwhile, I'll develop my patreon site and I'll make more tiers to all of you and modeling it depending on what do you want to see. 

Have fun!

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