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About Gemma Louise Doyle

My dearest loyal friends & followers,
Thank you for showing your love, supporting me & being part of enabling me to achieve my dreams.
In today's music industry, artists depend on their fans to afford to create what we need to do, and so your support means the world.
So much so, I will reward you with free music, personally signed gifts, kind messages & updates, exclusive unseen footage, show invites & offers to say thank you.
You are very unique with a special purpose in this world.
I invest my entire heart & soul (and everything I can give) into entertaining, inspiring and making people happier. It's what I live for.
I am thankful to all who help, and recognize what I am trying to achieve.

Your contributions on this page, enable me to carry on in this music & entertainment industry, creating music, videos, inspirational posts for you, reaching more people and continue doing what I love.
I want to share new music, attract major record labels/managers and afford to hire a team to launch myself as an artist further;
So that I can elevate millions of people across the globe, just as you say you so much want me to achieve.
Kindly spare whatever you can, to help me to do this.
Together, we can make this happen!

Every day, each moment I am awake, I am reaching out to event managers, music venues, agents, managers, record labels, studying languages, further training Voice and live entertainment resources, maintaining & growing my live shows, fan bases, Facebook, YouTube channel, creating new videos/media/photos, collaborations, new original music, rehearsing more songs, booking agents, providing for my customers, preparing technical aspects of shows (travel, food, accommodation, time scheduling, equipment), networking, exercising, dancing, taking care of my health, my appearance for the audiences/people, trying to find Genuine people in the Music/entertainment industry, researching business, studying the recording industry. responding to friends & fans, trying to make people happy!
And Many many More!

As an international singer, recording artist & entertainer, I make a lifetime commitment, sacrificing sleep, a great social life, food, leisurely & relaxing activities, and schedule my entire life around my performances.

In today's industry, a substantial investment is made in order to be a singer/recording artist.
I invest thousands of pounds worth of equipment each year, music PA (speakers), recording time, travel to studios, shows, clients, my costumes, glamorous designer dresses, photo shoots, websites, music videos, lighting, stage effects, props, promotional materials, CDs, vocal training lessons, transport, makeup, hair, printing, advertising, exposure and also earn a living from all I am doing to serve you.
This is why today artists depend on their fans, and I thank you with all my heart for your support.

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If you'd like a little insight into what I experienced for 5 years of my teenage life (today I'm 24), see my debut music video here (and kindly click that you 'like' it)
We filmed most of this in Las Vegas, and I spent nearly 6 months in the studio and years chasing the producer to complete the song audio!
Gemma's Music Video, Click this link

Fight for what you love. I do. I know it's all worthwhile when I'm on that stage and see the reaction of the people.
I want to share new music, attract major record labels and managers and afford to hire a team,
So that I can elevate millions of people across the globe, just as you say you so much want me to achieve.
Kindly spare whatever you can, to help me to do this.
Together, we can make this happen!
Your support means the world. So much so, I will reward you with personally signed copies of my latest albums, exclusive unseen footage and offers to say thank you.
Enjoy life and fulfill your higher purpose. You are gifted and here to help make others' lives better. Your Only limitations are the ones which you allow your own mind to believe.

Thank you.
Love always,
Gemma Louise Doyle x

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Thank you for enjoying my music, and believing in my vision.
Music uplifts us & inspires people to be happier.
As a singer & recording artist, I dedicate all of my entire life to create and share this to help others.

Most of the time, these days, creating music Costs, rather than Earns money!

In order to become the successful music artist you want me to be, I am focusing to build the best team around me, including a record deal, giving me a platform to get my music to touch millions of people Worldwide.

My goal for this year, is to complete my first Original album, which record labels will be able to market & promote.

In order to achieve my goal and have the album ready by December, it costs approx. £100 expenses per week, plus 2 or 3 days work per week, from both myself and the producer.

I've joined Patreon, a platform to help music artists & creative talents.
From only as little as £5 UK/$8 US per Month, (Just £1.25 per week!) You can help me to achieve this goal, and in return, you will receive a Free download of each record we complete!

To kindly pledge your support, go to my Patreon page:
And join my team, together, we can make the dream a Reality!

Thank you.
Love, always,

Gemma <3 x
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