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So y’all want to hunt for songs with me? 
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  1. Access to our extensive Archive page, which includes downloadable audio versions of your favorite GemsOnVHS episodes and some you've not heard before.
  2. Entry to our private Patreon Facebook group. I share exclusive content there, post unreleased content, post future videos early and frequently ask for your input on the direction of the channel with polls/discussions. 
  3. Early video releases. Get the videos before we post them on YouTube, usually every week. 
  4. All our club letters, released a few times a year, that share what we’ve been up to and where we’re going next. 
  5. You're also giving us 3000x more than YouTube adsense ever will, so consider yourself officially forgiven if you use an adblocker.

This is for y'all who enjoy the videos, love the musicians, and want to continue seeing them and new artists in our intimate style. You're part of the folk community. My inexpressible gratitude is, of course, included.

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You're one of us, an archivist in the fashion of Alan Lomax. At this level, you’ll personally receive: 
  1. Once you sign up, we'll send a unique care package including an original, one of a kind polaroid photo of one of our artists friends (many of these signed) along with a personal correspondence from me, Anthony.
  2. After your initial care package, expect a few surprises in your mailbox/inbox throughout the year, including; patreon-exclusive merch, mix CDs/vinyl/cassettes/books we like, signed photographs, guest list spots at shows (as available) and invites to live streams with artists.
  3. Anytime we release a new album of music, you'll be the first to receive a digital download code. You'll always be given discount codes for products we do release to the general public.
  4. Access to the Archives, the Patreon Facebook group where we post exclusive content/giveaways, early video releasesad-block forgiveness and, of course, our gratitude forlending a direct hand in making more recordings for the world, and bringing real songwriters to the fore. 
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This tier is for the generous and dedicated folk who find true value in our work and the artists we represent. To an executive producer, documentation of the unknown artist is worthwhile.

1. Executive producers will receive ALL the benefits of the lower tiers. Care packages, discount codes, digital downloads, Archive page access, entrance to the FB group

2. You'll be thanked by name and given producer credits in the video description. Because honestly, you made it happen. 

3. You're our esteemed guest in Nashville, free to drop by our headquarters and say hello. I'll show you around, introduce you to our folks. Bring you laptop and do your work if you'd like. We'll invite you to our dinners and parties. Hell, i'll take you to my favorite venues for a night out.

At this tier, you're dedicated to the culture of folk music and songwriting, and serious about seeing our message spread.  




Who is GemsOnVHS?
Started in 2011 by Anthony Simpkins, GemsOnVHS is an ongoing archive/collection of music that focuses on raw acoustic and off-stage performance videos of artists.

We view what we do as a logical extension of the tradition started by other song collectors of the 20th century, like Alan Lomax and Cecil Sharp. We aren't aiming to shove as many musicians into our camera as possible - we're looking for honest songwriters. We're telling their stories, the stories of the 21st century, and keeping the folk music tradition alive and thriving. 

Why Patreon?
Patreon allows us to fan-fund without the need for corporate advertisers, outside of the grip of the normal music industry. We can post what we want, and stay more true to the core folk music tradition.

What does the money go towards?

  • keeping us filming and releasing more unknown artists in further away places for longer, at NO COST to the artists we record, more frequently.
  • more ways to listen, including, in the future, compilation CDs/vinyl/cassette releases.
  • improving sound quality. this is huge - i'm sure everyone will appreciate an increase in audio quality! we will be able to have dedicated audio on set more often.
  • mini-documentaries on the artists and the traditions. interview videos with your favorites.
  • expand our operation with future label-style releases with artists that need help recording. actual in-studio records produced by us. 
  • one glorious day, we may be able to put on actual live shows, and bring some of our favorite acts to your town.

... a few notes about this Patreon

  • If you're a big fan of GemsOnVHS but your money situation is tight, please don't spend your last penny on us. I believe strongly in the power of music, songwriting and storytelling as a positive force, but there are other priorities to consider in ones life. The videos will always be free. Maybe ask your grandparents to contribute instead.

  • This Patreon format is an experiment for us all. This isn't a payment for a product you will receive monthly - but rather sustaining an entire mission. Many people have asked for a way to contribute, and this makes much more sense than a PayPal donation. Although that is still possible, if you want to make a one time donation.
455 of 600 patrons
At 600 Patrons, we will create our compilation album.

Much like "Now That's What I Call Music" of the 90s, it will be our greatest hits, as decided by view count and popularity on the channel. I expect this to be a snapshot of our past. Everyone's favorite songs all in one place.

It will definitely be available in digital form, but we'd also love to print physical albums. Perhaps it could make a vinyl/cassette debut, depending on the demand. Additionally, we plan to include exclusive tracks never before heard from our large catalog of unreleased tracks by the artists you love.  This has been a huge request from y'all, so it has been on our mind a long time!
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