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About Gender Census

What is the Gender Census?

Once per year, sometime in the first quarter, I run a survey for people whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't fully described or encompassed by the gender binary of "always, solely and completely male or always, solely and completely female".

The goal is to find out how we describe and refer to ourselves. Every year I process the results into readable reports, and the statistics are published so that anyone can use them to learn about the community and its language preferences.

How this works

On Patreon, projects can be paid per month or per creation. The Gender Census project is payment per creation, in this case per annual survey. In the first quarter of each year I'll pull in everyone's Patreon pledges to cover survey and hosting costs. You can commit to as much or as little as you want.

I have a preference for full transparency, so there will be no exclusive content. Your donations contribute to everyone getting access to everything I do. I believe that open access to data will lead to us getting legal and social recognition sooner, which will not only benefit us, but the wider trans community and beyond.

I'm not a statistician or a scientist or an academic, I'm a curious and passionate amateur and activist. I don't get paid to do this work, nor do I get paid for any other work due to disabilities. This Patreon page is a way to let supporters help me cover the costs of the project. Whereas previously I've relied on a single crowdfunding campaign at the start of every year, this Patreon page is a way to let someone who discovers the project pledge a few pennies or a few pounds at any time of year.

List of costs

  • £168 - 2 months of survey software and hosting per annual survey
  • £36 - 1 year of site hosting
  • £32 - 1 year of mailserver
  • £15 - 1 year of domain

Total: £251

The mailing list is essential for including people who are not otherwise internet-savvy. At the moment we're using TinyLetter, which is free up to 5,000 subscribers, and we just went over 3,200 (February 2021). When we go over the limit we'll need to transition over to a paid service, which will be better in terms of quality, but it will also cost about £100 per year.

How else can I help?

The number one way you can help is by taking part in the survey!

Aside from that, sharing the survey link when it goes live makes a huge difference. We don't buy advertising or associate with any organisations or businesses, so participation is entirely based on word of mouth.

You can follow the survey here on Patreon to get notified when things happen, or you can follow us in the following places:


It's been running since 2013. In 2020 there were over 24,000 participants from all over the world. You can see the results from previous years here.
$515.75 - reached! per annual survey
  • ✅ £15 - 1 year of domain
  • ✅ £36 - 1 year of site hosting
  • ✅ £32 - 1 year of mailserver
  • ✅ £168 - 2 months of survey software and hosting per annual survey
  • ✅ £20 - because there's always something you didn't expect
  • ➡️ £100 - real mailing list service
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