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  • You get my eternal thanks for supporting the visual arts. For as long as you are a patreon you will have access to my Patreon Activity stream (I'll post work here first!) 
  • A 25% d...


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  • Besides all of the perks of the Citizen Tier, you will access to more behind the scenes and bonus content like sketchs, page roughs and concept art .
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  • In addition to the previous two tiers, you will have access to high res downloads of covers, splash pages from current and upcoming books and fine art. 
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Super Hero

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  • Besides all of the above, you will be listed individually in the thank you’s of any book that was worked on during your patronage. 
  • Once the book has been published, you will rece...


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  • Wow, for those that really want to help - and thank you now for even thinking about it, in addition to all of the above, after six months of continuous patronage at this level, you wi...