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About Geno Quiroz

I am so excited to be a part of this concept and thank all of you for taking the time to consider supporting me.

For the last several years I have been producing quality Divi resources, tutorials, and layout kits for free. The great news is that over the years the website size has grown considerably and we get an average 42,000 page views and 16,000 visitors each month.

Offering these resources for free is fun, and I genuinely enjoy helping others learn new skills and launch new business ventures. But it costs money to provide these resources for free, and I am now paying about $2000 a year for hosting, domain, security and a few other premium features that help me manage the site.

This all comes out of my pocket and not to mention the amount of time it takes to put together more free resources and support. I know I can monetize it with affiliate links but I prefer to keep my affiliates ads to a minimum to make the experience much better for my visitors and so the site never becomes spammy.

Let's Partner In This Endeavor

Now with Patreon, I have an opportunity to partner with my visitors in a way that I never thought possible and still scale the free resources.

By you becoming a patron, not only will I be able to continue funding the existing resources, together we can scale this thing, and I can concentrate on providing even more value to our community and help your business get more exposure.

Get Your Business Listed On!

I also realized that with so many visitors coming to my site each month, I could help your business get some of that exposure by offering sponsorships. As a sponsor; your name, business, and logo will be added to our sponsor page getting you some extra Divi/Google love.

So here is my pledge to you.

  • I will listen to what you want to see
  • I will produce content you are interested in
  • You will learn something useful and new
  • I will do my best to constantly improve the quality of that content

So what do you say? Will you partner with me with your support?

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