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Hello Friends! And welcome to the Patreon for the podcast Gentleman Jack Crack. If you're here, you're probably already aware of how obsessed we are with the brilliant new offering from writer/director Sally Wainwright. Like many of you, the hit BBC/HBO show completely blindsided us, and months later, our fervor for this revolutionary piece of content has lessoned one bit. Instead we've only delved further into the lives of Anne Lister and Anne Walker, reading every single thing we can get our hands on about these two extraordinary women.

If you've heard our podcast you know that we literally cannot help rambling endlessly about these thirsty gays, and even though we're constantly cutting hours from the show, we've somehow still ended up with over 15hrs+ of content for only 3 episodes of Gentleman Jack. Good lord! And yet, like Anne's jauntiness, there's always more. We began adding adjunct #HistoricalNightcap episodes to create additional space for everything we've learned about the real lives of the Ann(e)s, but we still find that we're cutting loads of content and sometimes whole segments turn to dust, like Ann's paper knife, solely in the interest of saving time (I mean 4-5 hour podcast episodes, WHERE DO THEY DO THAT AT??).

So, since a few of your have expressed an interest in hearing some of our unfiltered fangirling, ridiculous theories, (Candice's) never ending Ted Talk on Mariana, and participating in swag parties etc., this Patreon was created for you! We're still shocked to shit you guys enjoy listening to us, let alone actually wanting additional content, so we promise to do our best to "make up to you" with copious posts and ponderings on our gals. PLUS, we only just got our hands on the hard AF to find book 'Miss Lister of Shibden Hall: Selected Letters (1800-1840)'- AND THERE IS MUCH TO SAY! Join us on this obsessive journey of thirst if you dare; side effects include: jauntiness, constant mentions of grubbling, prayers to the Patron Saint of Thirst Ann Walker, gay laughter, and doing yourself harm.
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Near Nape
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Hello friend, let's get cozy. You're near nape and it's real nice. Good Lord! There go my petticoats! “6 pence” in honor of the epic maths scene, this tier gets you access to much of our unfiltered randomness. That includes most of the ridiculous things we say that end up cut from the final edits of our episodes, inspired character playlists, and general ponderings on misandry and life as it pertains to our favorite Regency era lesbians, Anne Lister & Anne Walker. You know we're usually in the studio after dawn, so we‘ll thank you personally for  contributing a coffee and energy drink to Candice & Terrance respectively.  

Grubbling, Grubbling
per month

What's this?! Looks like complete petticoat destruction. So you like us, you really like us! Surely you must or you wouldn't be spending money on us like you do. To show our gratitude for your thirst, in addition to the perks included in Tier 1, grubbling get's you access to our rabid fangirling once a month, where we will watch an episode of Gentleman Jack live with y'all. There's an app we’ll use where you'll be able to hear and chat with us live (with video dependent streaming conditions) as we follow along on the journey of thirst. We'll record the session for those that can't make it live, and upload it afterwards for our grubblers to see. Friends that grubble together, stay together. Also, because we're more than a little excited that you've opted for this level, your reward shall include stickers. Copious, ridiculous stickers- monthly; and a monthly themed pin. We make them and someone besides us should have them.

Near Queer
per month

You're doing yourself harm! No really, $25 is whole lot of pence and ha-pennys, but since you want to be out here spending money like you have Anne Walker's inheritance, we have more rewards for you to enjoy! In addition to all of the perks inlcuded in Tiers 1 & 2, when you're near queer, you get access to everything. The completely unfiltered segments that were cut, any video posts will go here first, and perhaps only, because hey we're introverts. New merch ideas? Here! Private merch giveaways? Here! Voting on what the fuck we do next? Here! Candice rambling endlessly about Mariana? Here! Want us to decode and talk about specific pages/dates? HEREEEEE! Plus other things we haven’t thought of yet. 

Going to Italy!
per month

Wow.. my word! What to say. Clearly you get all the rewards from Tiers 1, 2, & 3, but obviously you want us to gush about you like Ann does about Anne, and we're totally ok with that. As a matter of fact, we'll talk about anything you want as it relates to Anne & Ann. Feel like having us muse for an hour on the thirst trapped within the sleeves of Anne Walker's pink dress? We'll do that. We don’t know what else to offer at this ridiculous tier. To quote Anne, are you maddish?!

$226 – reached! per month
Patreon says we should have a goal, so ok, $226 sounds like a great number because it allows us to pay homage once again to that AMAZING FUCKING MATH SCENE! *Candice screams “thruppence ha’penny per corve” in the background*

We reach this goal and we’re doing a massive giveaway of ridiculous swag. We’re talking a hoodie, tee, mug, socks- the works! Who doesn’t need more things that say “grubble” on it in Lister crypt?
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