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For pledging one dollar a month, I will e-mail you a copy of the cross-section/map of the Basement I use when plotting events set there. As it is not 100% canon and subject to minor modification as new ideas occur to me, it will never be publicly and officially posted anywhere.
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For three dollars a month, I will e-mail the above map, along with ones for "Mansionland" (with the place's actual name revealed) and The Known World. Ditto the comments about officially being posted.
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For five dollars a month, I will e-mail the maps and a drawing which names and depicts of all the Earls of E (or at least their profiles, as I currently envision them.)




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I churn out my fantasy webcomic "The Mansion of E" every day at, and I evidently have a small but dedicated fanbase who seem to enjoy it. Patreon appears to offer a quick n' easy way to give them a chance to toss a little cash my direction.
$37.58 of $50 per month
If I manage to reach 50 bucks a month, I'll take a stab at actually paying for some advertising this thing, and see if I can attract more readers.
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