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Geoffroy Couprie

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About Geoffroy Couprie

I have been working with the Rust programming language since 2013, and have been very happy to find such a welcoming, enthusiastic community. Its safety oriented features allowed me to start or contribute to useful projects, and generally hack around fun code.

While I am lucky enough to work on an open source project as part of my job I have a lot of projects I need to maintain and communicate about, and it takes a large part of my personal time.

Contributions to this patreon would help me handle hosting, hardware and marketing those open source projects.

Current projects

  • the nom parser combinators library allows you to write fast, safe parsers than can be embedded in any language. nom usually gets 1 major release per year, but getting that release out takes at least a full week of work (in addition to regular maintenance).
  • rust-syslog is used to send logs to syslog on OSX and Linux
  • lapin is an AMQP client library that wraps a deterministic, IO free state machine in a futures based interface


Along with developing these projects, I frequently research lesser known parts of the Rust ecosystem. Contributions will also allow me to support that kind of work.

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