Luciano Jones (AKA geofictician)

is creating literature, imaginary maps and supporting software

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Friends are just friends, because you know I have less money than you. Thanks!


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You edit on the Arhet server ( and you feel guilty using my free service on a server I am paying for, so you want to help out.

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The servers where Opengeofiction is now hosted are not free. I would welcome your support if you can afford it!

A transparent summary of my server expenses is here:



About Luciano Jones (AKA geofictician)

I create imaginary maps and provide admin support on, under the username Luciano. I also try to develop the "OGF software stack" (which is the open source platform developed by and wiki by and other geofiction software tools on my own website,, including hosting my own imaginary planet, Arhet.

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