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- Geolic provides a destination for DataVis lovers with a geolic mind -

After launching the website in 2015 and abandoning it for more than 3 years,  Geolic is currently getting a facelift and just re-established with the interactive data-story The Kit War! Even though some of the previous content stayed on the site, the new focus is now shifted towards three main components:

1.) High-Quality data-driven posts using self-made, interactive, and informative data visualizations. This can include any type of topic, but will always have at least some geographic touch in it (like maps, spatial data and/or being a geographic topic itself).

The latest data story The Kit War was just released. It is an analysis of the apparel sponsorship brands of the top football clubs and all national teams around the world concentrating on the two big players on the market: Nike and Adidas.


Appealing standalone or interactive maps. For now, this includes the One World Map, which was drawn with just a single line to emphasize country borders as connections rather than separations.


3.)  Geo-related quizzes. Because the origins of Geolic were unique quizzes this will continue to be part of it whenever some time is available to be spared. Here are some of the past quizzes created at Geolic:

Hi! I am Joseph, a German geodata specialist.

When I was a kid I had a large world map hanging on my wall, and I made it a quest to remember the names of the cities on it (Yes, also cities like Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). I also started to draw own maps with the age of 6 (mostly fantasy maps) and this passion never really vanished.

But I came to realize that I might even be able to transform my passion into my profession. This plan is the reason why I started the Geolic project, and also to see if people would like my work.

As a master graduate in geo-informatics, I have gathered much experience over the years in the process of producing maps, performing statistic analysis, creating data visualizations, classifying remote sensing images... basically, everything you can see in the image below (i.e., my mind map of terms I came in touch with throughout my studies).

I want to be able to create high-quality content, but, unfortunately, this takes time. Even though some amount would be spent on resources (e.g. software licenses, stock images, etc.), the main component of my work is the time I spent to research, calculate, code, draw, write and evaluate the things I create for each project. But by donating to Geolic, this is exactly what you would contribute: time! And I will do my very best to assure that your desire of seeing appealing, informative and interactive data visualizations, data stories and stunning maps is satisfied.

Besides that, you will earn exclusive rewards from becoming a patron, which includes to be mentioned in each blog post, to have early access to the content or to get the chance of deciding what I will work on next. Check out the tiers in the sidebar for more details. Any amount is much appreciated!

If you are a geolic like me make sure you follow me on my social channels and be part Geolic's own subreddit.
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The Patron Map!
I will create an interactive world map on where each patron can choose a location to be represented at and is able to add an own little story/photo/video or anything else to it.
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