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About George Bakerson

The name's George Bakerson, but you can call me Baker. I am an amateur writer, but I aim to be the best I can possibly be. You don't have do anything but, if you wish to support me, feel free to do so.

My works so far: Magikind and Aquaria (on hiatus due to the collab partner needing a break for studies)

PS. What I've posted for the public to see and what chapters are available to you (based on what tier you are) are found in the tags on the left-hand side. I realise the ordering is a bit messy, but you'll just need to scroll through a bit to find the chapter you want to read from.

PSS. You will get charged up front due to potential loopholes that might be exploited otherwise, so wait until the first of the next month if the current month is nearly finished to avoid getting charged twice in a matter of days.

$45.89 of $250 per month
I'll start commissioning an artist and give all patrons a copy every month based on polls for what people want drawn.
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