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The Readers

$3 /mo
The Readers will have access to my exclusive, Patron-Only blog which will be dedicated to an unabashed, straight-shooting glimpse into my take on the industry and just wha...

Listen to the Madness - Romero's Podcast

$10 /mo
This reward is designed for one thing and one thing only; to generate the startup costs to secure a solid hosting platform and to cover the costs necessary to bring the podcast to life.  


Respect the Process

$15 /mo
Every creative has their own process for creation.  Sadly, one of the most common pitfalls every creative must overcome at one stage or another of their creative lifespan is to learn to Res...

The Short Notes

$25 /mo
Patrons of The Short Notes will have direct access to my personal attention with regard to helping develop your own ideas into viable outlines to turn those projects into larger vi...

The Pitch

$50 /mo
In my opinion, this is one of the more exciting times of any project.  It's a time when your idea is solid and you're ready to present it to an industry of your now and future peers.  While it is e...

The Writers' Gild

$100 /mo
So this tier is pretty cool.  The Writers' Gild is dedicated to those of you who have completed a script for either a pilot or a feature film.  I will read your script, offer detailed notes and giv...