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Thank you so much! Sacrificing a cup of coffee so I can continue to make music. Maybe I can treat you to a cup of coffee in the future.

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Thank you so much for sacrificing a month of Netflix or Spotify so that I may bring you more and more music!

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$25 dollars helps ya boi out so so much. I'm so grateful for you!

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$50 does so much for me. Thank you 1000x!!!

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Ya'll... if anyone does this. Ima be flabbergasted. Thank you. I promise. This is so appreciated.




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About GeoVoc

We live in an awesome time in History when it comes to being a creator. But with this easy access also comes many creators and opportunities. As an Indie musician, songwriter, and producer it is often hard to make a living without the help of fans, family, and friends due to the high level of product coming out. You are the reason artists can continue to create music and still make a living. If you wish to be apart of my journey as an artist by supporting me, I want to thank you. If you cannot give a monetary donation, you can support by sharing links, posts, photos, and music of mine. Thank you to all that have helped and supported already. I look forward to this journey.
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$100 is the cost of what it takes for me to produce a single track. From here I hope to grow more and more in being able to create content for you all!
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