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This campaign is primarily for people who already know me and have seen what I do on stage because I think you all have an idea of how much I put into my shows and how tricky it is to do this kind of work. A bit of extra money every month would really help to take the edge off. These days, I am either traveling to do shows while staying with friends, family and strangers kind enough to put me up for a few weeks, or I'm living somewhere in the world and writing more shows. I live very frugally, with no place to call home since June and no plans to try and get one for at least another year, but life remains annoyingly expensive.

Asking for money, or indeed help in any form, is something I've never been good at - much to the relief of my parents and past employers - and this request is no exception. Here's what you get in return:

1. Nothing. I am offering no special perks, exclusive material or finished work in return for your support and, quite frankly, I am going to carry on doing this whether you help or not, so please don't feel obliged. It's just that with some extra money coming in, I can reach more people and sleep a bit easier at night, so if you think the work I do is valuable enough to be experienced widely then you will be helping to send me out into the world to do more of it. I can perform in two languages, I've learned how to talk to people from every walk of life and I have a lot of stories to tell. I just need to get out there.

2. More shows with a Mental Health component. It's not the path I was ever intending to take but I have ended up talking a lot about emotional and psychological issues in my work and I don't think this is going to change just yet. A Tension To Detail is about life lived through chosen narratives but throughout the piece there is a strong thread of depression, anxiety and childhood trauma, while Attention Seeker is all about ADHD and impulsive behaviour. Right now I'm working on a show about Tourette's Syndrome and a show about the relationship between addiction, anxiety and psychosis. It's what my OCD would have wanted.

Anything that you can give will be put into the bank account I use for production costs and will go directly towards festival fees, marketing costs, travel, and research and development of new work. I'm also hoping to engage a law firm to get an O1 performer visa for the US, where I have bookings on both coasts I would like to honour. That's gonna cost a bit.
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