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About Gerful

hi, i'm gerful! i'm an artist based in puerto rico. i enjoy long walks on the beach, overindulging my cat, and sleeping. 

i've been meaning to start a patreon for about a while now, mainly because i would like to spend more time to do what i love while still retaining a great deal of financial independence. being able to draw, publish, etc. is time-consuming & costly. i'm currently unemployed & depending on free-lancing while i attend school.

because of my current circumstances, i would prefer to focus on a blog model where i post sketchbook wips and doodles on a weekly basis, with two finished pieces every two weeks. this is, of course, the standard i want to hold myself to while i get into the swing of things and ramp things up as i build the habit and comfort to post more often. currently, finished works will be posted publicly while weekly posts will be patron exclusive. 

i would very much like to structure things differently as i go along and will certainly let you know how things will change or work in the future. i've already planned out a tier structure that will ensure that people get the most out of their pledges once things normalize on my end, just know that currently i will be working on a limited basis.

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