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I began German Pulse in 2011 out of a passion I never thought I would have: promoting the German culture in America. See, most German-American organizations have failed to keep up with the progressing culture of Germany, leading to a continuous decline in memberships and activity. Not only did I see this collapse from the inside, I was one of the many in my generation to say "forget it" and walk away.

Yet through an unexpected turn of events, I saw the light. I saw that Germany was more than the oompah music, lederhosen, and beer. The exciting discovery of the German culture of today lit a fire under my ass and led me to start a revolution to reignite the passion missing in the community. My goal with German Pulse was, and is, to help German-Americans discover, connect with and grow the connection with their heritage.


What started as a hobby project has over the years turned into a 60+ hour/week for just me, and aside from some small advertising revenue and occasional sponsorships, German Pulse has been self-funded. I love doing what I do though, and the more I dig, the more exciting my job becomes as I uncover the reality behind Germany's culture.

The one site has now grown into three ( German PulseConnect and LGBT Germany), and the content has expanded from covering just the headlines to now original videos and curated music playlists, and there are even more exciting ideas in the pipeline.

Fans like yourself have praised the direction that the German Pulse Network is heading, and your support is what keeps me going, but the site can only go so far on limited financial resources.

Making money from ads is becoming less reliable, and while I could always sell my soul to a few big companies and trick my awesome followers into reading elaborate native ads, Patreon offers what could hopefully be a better solution.

Patreon is a value-for-value model that allows fans like yourself to make a reoccurring donation each month to gain exclusive content and special recognition that then has the added benefit of making sure German Pulse can continue its mission for years to come. Any amount, even just $1/month, makes a lasting difference and earns you eternal gratitude!


Nope. Everything you are used to finding on German Pulse will continue being free and there will never be a paywall restricting access. Patreon supporters will get supplemental content, early access to items, deals or other fun goodies as a thank you for their support, but these are just added bonuses. If you are not in the financial position to donate, do not worry... your continued support as a follower means the world to me and nothing at German Pulse will be taken away.


Our first few Patreon goals cover what it would cost to keep German Pulse running in its current state. Below is a basic breakdown of what that entails:

  • Hosting & Domains. We have to pay a hosting company a fee every month for a main server that our sites live on and you then have free access to view. This also covers the yearly costs of making sure we own the URL's you use to find the site.
  • Advertising and Facebook "Boosts". Your word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, but we also have to spend money on traditional ads to reach beyond your friend circle. Facebook also puts harsh limits on how many of our page followers actually see the content we post unless we pay to "Boost". If we are lucky, that "Boost" will reach about a quarter of you.
  • Licenses and Equipment. There are various licenses we must pay every year to keep the software needed to manage the sites active, including keeping you safe from hackers and malware. As we move into more video content, additional equipment is needed to provide you with quality productions.
  • Myself. No, I'm not trying to be greedy so I can go on elaborate shopping sprees with your generous donation. Though I do need to continue paying my modest bills and put food on the table (I'd be happy to share pictures of what I cook). I currently run the sites as my full-time job.

As I mentioned, that first set of goals is what it will take to keep things in their current form, but I would love to provide an even better experience for you and the rest of the German Pulse followers. That is where some added goals come into play that would unlock the resources to move forward with the grand plan. Below is a sampling of what that would look like:

  • Further Buildout of Connect. With the newly launched German Pulse Connect, we are slowly rolling out the directory of every German-inspired restaurant and bar across America. The plan isn't to stop there though. The vision is to turn the site into the most comprehensive searchable database of anything German in this country, but that is going to require manpower beyond this staff of one.
  • Hire Additional Staff. Aside from the occasional volunteer, German Pulse is run by one person... myself. I only sleep 4-6 hours/night, but even that doesn't free up enough time to get every task done.
  • Additional Video Series' and Episodes. There are several new video series in the planning stage, but the resources aren't currently there to bring them to the screen. Additional funding would not only allow these videos to come to life, it would also pave the way for a more consistent release schedule for our current lineup.
  • Website Development. On top of creating all of the content you see, I am also the one running the development of the site behind the scenes. This includes the maintenance on the three sites and their continued development and needed redesigns as the years carry on. Having the financial resources to hire additional developer support would free up more time to keep creating and bring out new features at a faster pace.

If you made it this far down the page, you get a double thanks! Any support you can offer is greatly appreciated, and that extends beyond the small monthly financial contributions. Your continued readership and word of mouth is just as valuable.
$69.45 of $250 per month

  • Server Upgrades: German Pulse servers are barely keeping up with the demands of the site. Lets get things running the German way!
  • Database Tools: The basic spreadsheets aren't cutting it anymore. As Connect grows, robust databasing software will be needed to keep things organized and in sync.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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