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Daisy Scout

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Monthly project & live event + free Charm Patterns PDF + merch access + more connection
  • Monthly project: On the first of every month, you’ll receive PDF downloads (formatted for home and copy shop printing), an accompanying instructions file, and a video showing you how to sew the project. You will also receive access to all previous monthly projects! (Excludes limited-time bonus projects only.)
  • Monthly live event: Join Gertie and friends for a Crowdcast webinar! Learn the history and inspiration behind the monthly projects and astound your friends with your new vintage fashion knowledge.
  • Exclusive online hub: Access to the Discord platforms! Be a part of the friendship circle, where you can post your projects and chat with other scouts.
  • One Charm Patterns PDF per year: You will be notified which new release pattern ($14-25 value!) is to be the Patreon reward when we start our pre-order process.
  • Access to merch: Subscribers can access the new exclusive store where you can buy Charm Scouts patches and pins, accessories, T-shirts, and more! 
Includes Discord benefits

Rose Scout

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per month
Monthly content + merit badges + Zoom troop meeting

  • Everything in Daisy Scout plus the following:
  • Monthly merit badges: These will be shipped to you! We ship worldwide, just allow more time for international shipping. (Important: You must be in this tier at midnight on the 1st of the month to receive your badge. If you join this tier after the midnight on first of the month, your first merit badge will be mailed the following month.)
  • Monthly live event: in addition to the monthly Q&A, you will also be invited to the monthly Troop Meeting on Zoom.
  • Collaboration on our brand: Help us design the Charm Scout uniforms. We’ll be designing more scouting looks (complete with sash for your merit badges) and will engage your assistance with polls and live chat discussions.
  • Sneak peeks: You’ll get a preview of one or two Charm Patterns each year. 
Includes Discord benefits

Princess Scout (Print)

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reward item
per month
Monthly content + merit badges + Charm Patterns discounts on printed patterns + yearly physical gift

Everything in Daisy and Rose Scout tiers, plus the following:
  • Discounts: Receive a discount code for 40% off one print pattern (3 times per year). Coupons will not be announced in advance. 
  • Annual gift: An exclusive gift shipped to you once a year! 2020’s gift was a coveted sewing planner. The gift is announced randomly and only people in the tier at the announcement time will receive the gift. As always, we ship worldwide, just allow more time for international shipping.
  • More sneak peeks: Get an exclusive look at up to four patterns each year—before they come out! 
Includes Discord benefits



About Gertie

Come enter the friendship circle! You’re a Charm Scout now, and Camp Gertie is your new home away from home. Imagine a magical place where sewing machines whir all day, a million stars twinkle in the night sky, cute animals frolic, and friendship is the fabric that keeps us together. Join your fellow scouts in sewing class, roast a marshmallow over the campfire, take a dip in the lake in your cutest retro swimsuit, and fall asleep under the twinkling lights in the glampsite.

We’re a troop of sewing enthusiasts with a love of vintage glamour. And above all, Charm Scouts know how to feel the fantasy and make it a reality. We believe in exploring every inspiration to its fullest. Sewing is an art, and every artist owes it to themselves to dig as deep as possible into the wells of creativity and self-discovery.

Much like Phyllis Nefler in the ‘80s classic “Troop Beverly Hills'', we believe that being kind, fabulous, and resourceful all go hand-in-hand. As Phyllis famously said, “I started my new meaningful life today, and I bought a whole new meaningful wardrobe to go with it.” Charm Scouts believe that sewing is way more powerful than shopping (well, unless we’re talking about fabric shopping). Sewing is a skill that has been passed on for generations, and we love being a part of that herstory. We also love that our skills result in glamorous new wardrobes that make us feel like a million dollars.

Every month at Camp Gertie, you’ll receive an inspiring new project and video to expand your sewing horizons. Education is one of the most important tenets of Charm Scout life, so we make sure to provide you with the tools necessary to advance your skills. You can also earn merit badges in everything from buttonholes to bias binding! Everyone loves a well-decorated sash, so make sure to choose the appropriate tier and read the fine print below.

Community is another of our main tenets, some might even say the most important. A Charm Scout is a friend to all and a sister* to every other Charm Scout, and we strive for cheerful kindness in all of our interactions, especially online. Meet your fellow scouts at monthly virtual troop meetings as well as other live events. We’re also introducing the Charm Scout Discord server, a place where you can chat with your fellow campers, share inspiration, and post photos of your latest projects.

Pick a tier and dive in...the water is fine here at Camp Gertie!

*(We say sisterhood because it aligns with our core beliefs of feminism, but all genders are welcome here! In fact, everyone is welcome here and diversity and inclusion are part of the Charm Scout way of life.)

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