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About Ger Victor

Hi! Welcome to my Patreon page. I might take some of your time but I would greatly appreciate it if you'll read my story.

Quite lengthy but here it goes...


I came up with my website ( to share my passion and inspire people who wants to be out there.
Hitting the trails on my mountain bike or taking photos on summits have been my getaway. I’ve been juggling my love for the outdoors and my office job for the past years that the adventures just piled up! It was in 2015 that I decided to write about the things I love to do.


It was August 13, 2017. I joined a race which caused me to meet a terrible accident. I lost my brakes downhill, crashed, slammed my whole head and body on the side of a cliff as I hit the apex of the steep and loose corner. My helmet was split in half, I got knocked out, I wasn't able to breath properly for a moment...

I woke up in the ambulance with a broken neck and a paralyzed left arm. It took me another 3 hours to reach the hospital in Makati from Quezon.

It took me 10 weeks to heal my neck but my arm is still partially paralyzed because of the debilitating nerve damage that I sustained (You might notice this in most of my videos, I barely move my left arm and the movements are very limited.)

The doctors do not know when I will fully recover but thank God I am slowly gaining movement. Very slow in fact that it is almost 2 years!

"From a writer to an aspiring video editor"

I slowly transitioned to being a video content creator to broaden my skillset and at the same time, reach a larger audience whom I want to inform, inspire, and entertain. I was back to riding again though my arm was in a sling, I made sure that it was strong enough to grip the handlebars. (So thankful that my hand was spared.)

It was tough work, I told myself that I will do daily, well-polished, and edited videos and I did! This was in Instagram Stories. I did this not to gain traction and following just yet, but to further improve my newly acquired skill. I did this daily for about 8 months. Daily so that I can instill discipline to myself. I do not want to transition in to long-form videos half-heartedly. 

"Time to get bigger"

After sharpening my axe for months, I decided to move to another platform, a platform where I decided to expand and grow. I dug up my dusty drawers to bring out my old action camera, invested in a secondary camera, a shotgun microphone, and a laptop. (This took a huge beating in my savings but for the love of the art, I plunged in.)

I uploaded regularly in Youtube since August 2018, and at the same time, I met with my fellow Pinoy content creators which was one of the highlights of my creator life.

It was all grind and hustle on the side, working 9 hours in the office. The discipline that I acquired in my daily vlogging days was carried out. I dedicated on creating weekly long form videos, and my principle still applied. To inform, educate, and entertain.

The experience, it was all clouds and dirt. I was gaining subscribers slowly but consistently. The support that I got from a small community made me more motivated to do what I really love to do. The channel was not monetized yet at this point but I was a workhorse. There was so little time but I had to edit and edit and shoot and edit. It also came to a point that I had to stay inside a hotel lobby just to edit during my break time at work and also the risk of bringing my laptop and leaving it inside the car (When not cycling to work.). I continued editing in the parking lot every time I get a chance to leave the office for some air. It's like I gave my life for the thing that I love to do... And for me it was worth it...

Now that I have established the channel with discipline, grit, passion, and a little help from my co-creators whom I consider as good friends, I am now ready to take on the next level.

I left the corporate world (Finally!) but the grind continues. This is my Patreon page. Thank you for appreciating my work and I promise to continue to do what I love to do, cycling and creating videos.

"From corporate to creative"

Now, I created this Patreon for those who would like to support me in this journey. The journey to constantly create, the journey to take on the grind, the ruts, the trails, and the rough roads of being a cycling content creator. It will be a tough road ahead and as a one-man show, I am asking for your full support.

Thank you all for pushing me to do this. Though I am tired most days, I will never stop. To those who sent me emails and private messages, those who shared their testimonies about how cycling changed their lives and how I inspired them to live a healthier and happier lifestyle, thank you. I am still here creating because of you guys. 

That is my story so far... We'll continue this story one video after another. God bless you all and ride safely.🙏🏽

4% complete
If I reach this earning, I'll upload more often compared to what I put out today.

I can fund the maintenance of my gear, time, and efforts in putting out quality and useful content for you. I might even consider doing this full time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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