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Hey guys, thanks so much for helping me out. I want to keep making videos which are a bit more planned out than "lol look at this movie trailer" and your patronage helps me buy props, camera equipment, software licenses, tickets to conventions, and so much more. You guys honestly make it possible for me to keep making these videos and keep a roof over my head.

By supporting me you get access to some cool perks: including giving sneak peeks, deleted scenes, and extended uncensored cuts of my videos. You also get a cool discord title and once we have enough patrons to make it work, we'll be doing some exclusive streams and that sort of thing. I want to show my appreciation any way I can, and if you ever have an idea for some patron-exclusive content you'd like to see, let me know!

Anyhow, love you guys. Thanks for keeping the dream going.

- Vito
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Best Buddies
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You may refer to me as your friend in casual conversation. You may also lie about how we "hang out all the time" and tell stories about how you saved my life in Afghanistan.

Also, you get access to cool sneak peaks / deleted scenes from my videos, and on very rare occasions may even be asked to be in one!

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Cool Dudes
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Hey cool dudes, thanks for supporting my work! As thanks, I'll put your name in the credits of my awesome video essays so everyone knows you're awesome.

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Sweet Boys
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I love my sweet boys. Anyone in this tier (or above) has priority during the live show, meaning I'll take your calls first!

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Dream Brothers
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Dream Brothers never die! I will make you a terrible rambling thank you video. (Please give me at least a month to make it since I get really busy sometimes).

If you maintain status in the Dream Brother club for a full year, I will send you a t-shirt and a signed photo for you to burn in your local trash fire (just message me when your one year anniversary comes up!)

Also, if you have any projects which you think might be worthy of my critique (video stuff, graphic design, etc) throw it my way and I'll try and make time to give you my thoughts. Support small creators!

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The Benefactor
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I was asked to make a higher Patreon level for people who REALLY want to support the channel, so here it is.

If you support at this tier, I will love you forever, and send you dick pics until you ask me to stop.

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$502 of $750 per month
I will find a way to reliably produce two or three videos a week. This money will go towards building a crappy studio and maybe paying a line editor to help me out, which will hopefully make it much more easy for me to pump out content.
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