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About Get In My Face

We are a two mum family, cooking for and with our exuberant, food-loving five-year-old.

Simple and wholesome cooking avoiding chemical food additives where possible - and demonstrating recipes suitable for people with soy and shellfish allergies, who still want to enjoy really tasty food.

We are sharing simplified recipes and techniques that are interesting to anyone wishing to reduce processed ingredients while replicating popular dishes and creating cheaper, healthier everyday staples.

Keep watching for traditional woodfired BBQ techniques, from low & slow smoking to open flame grilling plus camp oven, campfire and cast-iron cooking.

Back story: Options for eating out, grabbing ready-made and packaged foods are extremely limited when living with food-additive sensitivities and food allergies (msg, soy, shellfish, fresh tomato) so we have learned to modify and make a bunch of delicious food at home from whole ingredients.

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