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Hey guys,
Our time building the services and website to keep this alliance going is hard work!!! It's been a rough road with changing auths, XML API to ESI API, and now finally our one stop shop called SeAT!!! Thank you guys for hanging in there and we finally have our services the way we want them. When you get new members they have 1 thing to sign up for and the rest is a few buttons. Again thank all of you for hanging in there and I hope you like what we have done so far.

The LAWN servers cost about 50 a month and with the extra stuff that I do on my personal servers like the discord bot, ESI Knife, Pathfinder, ect ect cost another 25 to 35 a month and hope some of you can help out with the bill a bit. Duncan has footed the bill for a long time and now I have for about 3 to 4 months now and it is not easy doing it all by your self. But we want you guys to have a secure place to share info, chat and have a good time, and share stupid (but funny) memes all day long with your fellow gnomes. So if you got a few  bucks and can throw them our way it would help out a ton!!!

I am working on a way to get something to the donors not sure what yet but it will be something fun :D You know me I dont do any thing small mwahahaha

Thanks in advance,
$89.83 of $150 per month
Cover server cost for LAWN servers.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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