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We are WellBe and @getwellbe

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about half of all Americans have at least one chronic disease—from chronic pain to autoimmune disease to type 2 diabetes. The crippling amount of time and money spent on chronic disease care is not inevitable. We have the tools now to live long, disease-free lives. To truly reverse the chronic disease epidemic, we need wellness. Right now. Everywhere.

This means seeing the 100 choices you make a day for yourself as healthcare. This means viewing your body holistically, rather than a sum of disconnected parts. This means making natural choices whenever you can, and using integrative medicine when a health issue arises. We’re not shunning conventional healthcare, but we’ve seen its limitations.

On the other hand, as much as we believe you can take control of your health through wellness, the system most of us live in makes avoiding chronic disease and optimizing our health incredibly difficult. Most of us are doing what we think is best and what we think is healthy, only to discover that we’ve been duped— “all natural” isn’t regulated and the overprescription of antibiotics is causing a public health crisis. Is it too much to ask for a system that encourages and supports our efforts, rather than inhibits them?

At WellBe, we make confusing health topics clear by digging into research so you can figure out how it actually affects your health. We’ll highlight the changemakers who are transforming wellness and the industries that touch it. We’ll share the stories of people who turned to integrative health as a last resort, and were able to overcome their health challenges. We’ll fill you in on the latest in wellness and the policies that affect it: why you should care and how you can help enable change.

We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll nerd out to get you the information you need. Thank you for watching, reading, commenting, and sharing. In return, we’ll do our best to help you in every way we can. Let’s do this. Let’s get WellBe.
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