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GGPodcasting started with two roomates who wanted to talk about crappy random Netflix movies.  We started the show for ourselves with a simple blogspot website, but it quickly grew into a true joy and hobby.  Now we have our own website and produce multiple shows.  Our first and main show, Random Reviews and Other Ramblings explores a random Netflix movie each week.  We also discuss current movie news.  

After about a year we started our second show Donald's Dungeon which is an improv DnD show following Donald Trump and his quest to return to America.  We also spent a year producing the Morning Dump which is a daily show that talks you through your morning routine.

More recently we've begun branching out, exploring video production on Youtube with game review and discussion videos as well as the occasional Twitch stream of games or a live recording of a show. 

With your support, we would like to continue to grow our project into a hub for other aspiring podcasters like ourselves as well as continue to create and deliver quality shows.  

A more detailed description of our current shows:

Random Reviews and Other Ramblings:

Ever get stuck browsing Netflix for hours being unable to find something worth watching?  Us too.  That's why we started our first podcast; to get the most out of our Netflix subscription.  Every week we watch a movie on Netflix selected for us at random thanks to the technology of the internet.  We're watching and talking about the movies noone else is, helping you find diamonds in the rough of the Netflix wasteland.  After doing the show for nearly a year we realized that podcasting was a true passion of ours, and took steps to both up our quality and quantity.    

These are some other shows we explored for a bit, but don't currently produce new episodes for:

Donald's Dungeon

On the eve of his inauguration, President Trump was attacked by archrivals Billary Panders and Job! Shrub. Little did Trump know that these corrupt politicians have been holding the secret to inter-dimensional travel! Trapped in a fantasy world bound by the D&D 5th edition rulebook, listen along as Lando and his faithful servant Yont make their way back to America to make it great again.

The Morning Dump

Adding The Morning Dump to your daily routine is a great way to lighten the load of the daily pressures we all feel. Tune in every weekday to listen to a new subject that fits the monthly theme. Each episode is only a few minutes long so by the time you're done listening, it'll be time to wipe and get back to work.

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Currently our website simply houses links to our podcast audio.  We want to try to be more diverse with our posting on the site by adding article-type posts.  By reaching this goal we will commit to writing at least one article per week and will continue to enhance the appearance of the site itself
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