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About GHostLPs

Howdy folks, my name is Gene (GHostLPs on YouTube) and I record Let's Plays for the denizens of the internet. I've been partaking in this as a hobby since 2009; in the span of time between now and then, I've refined my skills at recording, editing, and producing video game-related videos a good deal.

Since I started, I've considered LPing to be nothing more than a passing hobby. However I've had viewers over the years ask if there was a way to support my channel monetarily. Up until recently I've mostly just stuck to random Paypal links, but I figure Patreon is a good way for folks to show their support on a more regular basis if the desire strikes.

I record and produce Let's Plays. A Let's Play (LP) is video of a person playing through a video game from start to finish with the express goal of providing entertainment or instruction to their viewers.

My regular LPs update three times a week (M/W/F) with a typical episode running between twenty and thirty minutes long. Games notwithstanding, my content is generally what I would consider R-rated in nature, mostly due to my having something of a potty mouth. Despite my generally coarse language, I try to keep the mood fairly laid back in my videos. I'm not super excitable (mostly) and I'm not personally a fan of overly loud LPers so I try to shy away from putting out videos that I wouldn't want to watch myself.

I value the thoughts of my viewership highly and I try my best to go out of my way to engage them at every reasonable opportunity. Whenever applicable I incorporate pertinent viewer comments into my videos; most often when my viewership notices something I don't and offer me assistance in play. Due to this style of community engagement, I generally tend to record videos a day or so before they are posted to YouTube for viewing. Entirely pre-recorded LPs are the exception on my channel, not the rule. This has both a positive and a negative side effect. The positive side effect is that I can engage my viewers and incorporate their comments into my LPs. The negative side effect is that when Real Life™ throws a curve ball at me there are typically video delays of a day or so.

I try lean towards informative, (generally) intelligent, commentary where it is appropriate and typically ramble about random game-related things, or make terrible jokes, when it's not. My videos are aimed at people looking to have a good time, laugh, and possibly learning something new while watching someone play through a game that they may or may not be familiar with.

Aside from the warm fuzzy feelings you'll get from supporting someone with a genuine passion for the hobby (and a special role on my Discord), you'll also be directly influencing the quality of my videos! All support I receive on Patreon goes towards new and improved hardware and the software that I use to put my videos together.

Finally, I want to be completely clear that I hold a stance that there will be absolutely no gated content created only for Patreon supporters. Those who support me here will be doing so to the benefit of my viewership at large.

If you'd like to find out a bit more about me you can check out:
  • My YouTube channel which houses all of the content that I've produced over the years.
  • My Discord where you can come to harass me at all hours of the day (and mostly night)!
  • My website where I publish various blog posts pertaining to things of interest to me (LPing, game development, and so on).
  • My Twitter account where you'll find me rambling about various things.
  • My Twitch channel where I stream alternating Fridays and Saturdays.

Thank you for checking out my Patreon campaign, until next time!
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Hey! Look at that! You awesome folks are covering my monthly bill to use Adobe's editing suite! Keep on being awesome!
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