Ghostly Guru Studios is creating Game Art Assets, Animations, Comics, and Music & SFX!

The One Dollar Club!

$1 /mo
  • Every dollar helps! Thank you!

  • Sneaky Peakies at my point & click game The Endless Night & Animated thing.. Duncan McCoy I...

Platformer Art Asset+ Club

$5 /mo
  • Platformer/Runner Art Pack: 60 Art Files!
    2 tilesets - Grass+Caves & Desert+Pyramids
    Player Character w/ run animation
    14 Enemies - mos...

Hey, Big Spender Club!

$10 /mo
  • Alien Lab Escape Game Art Pack - 216 Art Files!
    Vector art style - top-down
    Player character 8-directions (animated+attack/ability)
    2 Animated Enemies, 3 st...