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Thank you for visiting on Patreon! I'm Brian, and I'm working hard to make the largest paranormal resource on the web! This is a HUGE project for just one person, and over the years I've put thousands of hours into researching the paranormal and creating a huge database of haunted locations throughout the USA, with more being added every day! If you want to support the costs of hosting, maintaining, and adding content to you can make a small pledge on here - For just $1 you can become part of the "Energy Drink Tier", which helps keep me caffeinated so that I can continue to deliver this awesome content to you all.

As a special THANK YOU for ALL of my Patreon followers, I give new members a special shout out on Facebook & Twitter as a way to say THANK YOU for helping support the development of one of the largest paranormal resource on the internet!

ALL PATREON FOLLOWERS are also entered into a free monthly giveaway (Begins 10/1/2019) which I announce on here and on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. Just for becoming a patron, you can win some awesome stuff such as: t-shirts, hoodies, free books, ghost hunting equipment and supplies, autographed merchandise, gift cards, and more!!

If you've been enjoying so far, this is your chance to contribute to a great online resource that aids paranormal researchers and investigators everywhere!! This is an exciting project to be a part of, that will compile all known paranormal documentation and resources into a comprehensive online compendium.

As a solo web developer and paranormal enthusiast, I've spent thousands of hours researching and writing about haunted locations throughout the US (and beyond!), and I could really use your help!!

So here's a bit about is an online resource for paranormal researchers and enthusiasts that is dedicated to providing the best information available to fellow ghost hunters. Users can find everything related to the paranormal on our website, with sections dedicated to paranormal themed podcasts and videos, bloggers, investigators, guides, and more! We also have a massive list of haunted locations in all 50 states so that ghost hunters can find local haunted locations to investigate - or just find some really interesting local history and urban legends to read about!!

I do daily updates and eventually plan to have a "wiki"-esque page for each location that gives a lot more detail (history, location, maps, pictures, videos, etc). As you can imagine, this is a HUGE undertaking that will take many years to complete!

Also over the coming months, will be travelling to different haunted locations around the United States (and beyond) to record 3D, 360' videos of the haunted locations listed on my website. I'll be uploading these videos to YouTube ( ) and our website free of charge, so that fellow enthusiasts can explore haunted locations around the world from the comfort of home!

So thank you to all of our Patrons, who not only help to make all of this possible by supporting the cost of hosting a website and investing in better equipment, but also help to make these strides in paranormal research and documentation possible! You guys are the BEST followers I could possibly ask for!

Thank you!!
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Right now, does a monthly giveaway for all of you awesome patrons who have pledged $1 or more. It's my goal to be able to give back to my supporters and the community as much as possible. If I can get 50 patrons, I'll be able to start giving away even better prizes, such as more expensive merchandise, ghost hunting equipment, event tickets, gift cards, etc. Plus special giveaways on holidays and other special events!! :)
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