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Cabin Boy

$1 /mo
Our loving admiration and the warm fuzzy feeling of helping others.

Powder Monkey

$5 /mo
Each week, we'll mention your name as part of our "Most Esteemed Patrons" on Banter Box Radio. You will also receive show notes for every episode going forward!


$10 /mo
The previous tier's reward as well as a SIGNED Ghost Ship Radio T-shirt. Also, once the number of patrons in this level reaches 10, we'll do a live show each week of Banter Box Radio.


$15 /mo
All the previous tier rewards as well as two physical Victoria Valentine episode scripts used in production!

First Mate

$20 /mo
The rewards for Boatswain and Gunner, as well as your very own radio play style advertisement in an upcoming Victoria Valentine episode! We will work with you to make it unique.