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About Tim Russo

Ghosts of Plum Run is a screenplay about the charge of the First Minnesota at Gettysburg. This Patreon will be the written prequel.

Turns out I've written a 116 page, big budget war epic about America (after about a half year of research and writing). Gonna take some magic to get this film to the big screen, so while I pull that rabbit out of my hat, I could use a little help. In exchange for your help, I'm writing a prequel, right here, just for you. Maybe one day the prequel will be a film, too! Or a series!

Episodes "airing" every Sunday, the prequel follows the lives of 4 characters in the years before the battle - Peter and Rasselas, two of the soldiers who end up in the charge at Gettysburg, and Mag & Millie, two women who figure into the story. 

Heroines and Heroes, at $2 a month will receive all written episodes per month. We kick things off with a day in the life of Underground Railroad conductor Mag Palm, the (super) Heroine you see pictured on Tier 1.

Scouts, at $5 a month, will receive every written episode, plus a monthly podcast. 

Crew, at $10 a month, will receive all written episodes, the monthly podcast, and a personal thank you!

Benefactors, at $20 a month, will receive all of the above plus a soundtrack selection from the script (consider me your personal DJ). All the music selections (except one, which is TOP SECRET) are from Minnesota musicians, in tribute to the regiment.

Associate Producers, at $30 a month, get named thanks in the end credits of Ghosts of Plum Run when it hits the theaters, plus all of the above.

I will use the money raised here to pitch the 116 page WGA-registered screenplay far and wide. At the very least, $200 a month keeps some bills paid. At $500 a month, I can swing much needed trips to the Minnesota Historical Society and the battlefield at Gettysburg. At $1000 a month, I'll get all fancied up and hit Hollywood and NYC to pound the pavement looking for producers, actors, and directors. 

By the end of 2020, maybe we'll have that big budget and be in production! Thank you to everyone who's helped so far, and thanks to all the new patrons to come joining the ride.

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