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About Ghost Stories the Podcast

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Ghost Stories is a podcast docu-tainment series that offers compelling evidence to help you either confirm or deny the existence of ghosts.

The podcast publishes a new short story every two weeks. The catch, however, is some of their stories are fact and some are fiction, this is not for us to reveal, but you to decide based on your own evidence. Be sure to visit our website or our Facebook after listening to each story to cast your vote!

We are currently working on season six of the podcast with 16 episodes and 2 specials planned. You can also catch us on local community station NLive Radio at 1200 (GMT) the last Thursday of every month!

By becoming a patron, you are helping to support the podcast so that we can continue to push for an increased content output (currently an episode every two weeks, starting the first week of October). Also, you will receive each episode ad-free and earlier than those on iTunes, Spotify or anywhere else!

Note: As Ghost Stories runs in seasons but bills monthly, we will be pausing our billing cycle between seasons. However, our eventual target, with your help, is for the podcast to become sustainable enough to run all year around!
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