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  • Gain access to traditional/digital sketches/doodles I've done throughout the month.
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  • Download wallpapers and high res versions of drawings~
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About Emmy

Hello! My name is Emmy and I go by the online name 'GHOULKISS'!

I'm a freelance artist living in oh so rainy England! I set up this Patreon as a means of  funding/supporting my artistic endeavours and also give fans of my work exclusive content and to keep in close contact with me!

⭐️ UPDATE: From 1 / 8 / 2019 my Patreon will be stopping it's physical rewards and commissions services, and turning exclusively into a tip jar! ⭐️

Here, I will be uploading a sporadic amount of work in progress pics, process videos, high res downloads and customized wallpapers for your desktop and phones, and general info on any current and future projects that I'm working on! I will also be posting up request polls now and again for you to vote on what you'd like my to draw out of the given options! The result will be given out as a high res download and custom wallpaper ~

⭐️ Now the old rewards tiers are gone, where can I commission you and/or buy your merch? ⭐️

You can view my commission info and email me if interested here!
You can follow and view my merch on my Etsy here!
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