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$2 /mo
Hum a little tune and know that you are an amazing person! Your kindness is certainly felt and appreciated.


$5 /mo
All previous rewards. You'll have exclusive access to demos, early access to sweepstakes, and the first people to hear about upcoming news. You'll also receive the Patron role on Discord (equivalen...


$10 /mo
All previous rewards. I will put your name in the credits of my YouTube vlogs for giving a little extra! You'll also be listed as a top patron in my Twitch panels! I'll follow you on one social med...

Dream Chasing

$20 /mo
All previous rewards, and I will prioritize your song requests for Tunesday streams on Twitch (Tuesdays at 3PM Eastern)! I'll also follow you on two social media accounts.

Dream Catching

$30 /mo
All previous rewards. You will get a discounted price on my music! Upon pledging, I will draw or paint you a pretty picture (reminder: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder).

Peace & Love

$50 /mo
All previous rewards, and you will also receive a discounted price on my merchandise! I will also send you a copy of my book, "Project: Peanut Butter" when it is released (2018). Not to mention, yo...