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Welcome to my Patreon Page and thank you very much for joining my Community!

Only ONE dollar is all it takes for making me happy of having you here with me.

As you will see I will publish Original Piano Music Videos ( my Original Compositions ) and really unique Piano Arrangements Videos ( Piano Covers ) , simply played at my piano. 

Your dollar has been, is and will always be so precious, helping me making more and much better videos. 

I really hope you will always enjoy my videos feeling all the passion that animate my performances. 

Thank you very much for your support.  


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Now that is a strong statement from your side, I do appreciate it very much! 

I am honoured you are fond of my compositions, my covers, that you like Piano Music and that you are willing to support me in this fantastic journey! 

You are definitely a very sensible person that knows how hard is "making music", how hard is a musician life but at the same time I'm sure you know how much happiness our heart experience when a new composition comes to life or when a brand new arrangement is made, and I can see that you can't wait to live with me this explosion of joy. 

Your financial support will help me very much in the making of my next music videos and I am really grateful.

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Thank you for being an active part of the Sponsorship list and therefore helping me to make a difference through my music and PERFORMING skills! 

I'm really glad you believe in me and that you like my way to rearrange COVERS. 

I'm also glad you feel how much work is required for making a masterpiece out of an existing and well known song!

Hours and hours of practice at the piano, days and days spent trying to find the best solution for every single musical phrase! 

Your name will definitely make the difference! 

As a big thank you:

  • Your name will be mentioned in the Official SPONSORS/ Supporters List of my next COVER Videos to be recorded and in the "Thank you" list of my next Vlog!!!

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About Gianluca Fronda Pianist & Composer Piano Music

Hello everyone!
My name is Gianluca Fronda.
For all of you that see and hear me for the first time, I am a pianist, composer, songwriter, writer and “hopeless” dreamer, born in a lucky town, in Amalfi, in the south of Italy, facing the sea and the sun every single morning of my life until the age of 26. As for now, the Thames is giving me brand new and magic energy!
I should use and abuse many more words about me and my life until now, but there will be time to share with all of you my life journey.
My style as you’ll see, is a unique blend of Classic, Pop, Rock, Latin, Jazz: an original music “fusion”, warmed up by my Italian soul.
On Patreon I’ll be sharing especially music videos, sometimes playing covers, sometimes my own original compositions.

Why Patreon?!?

I have opted for Patreon because I am sure that Patreon was somehow following me!
Since ages I am animated by the idea that a musician, a “free spirit”, really needs warm hearts and bright minds, ready to be the public, to admire, constructively criticise and to widely support his work.
Considering the world and the humanity as a “Whole”, like a “Universe”, in respect of the cosmic laws, the “intellectual creativity” connected with the “artistic creativity” needs help from that kind of “concrete mechanisms”, like business, diplomacy, public relations, altogether creating harmony.
In poor words, exactly like Mozart and Beethoven needed “Patrons”, also all the contemporary musicians and artists in general need “Patrons”.
At one point of my growth I found really interesting opening my mind to many more aspects of our modern life, accepting to improve my IT skills, my knowledge of business, music marketing, and so much more.
But when the goal that you are aiming for is very high, you have to channel well your energies.
It’s really easy today to give up in the music industry for many reasons easy to guess.
I felt that Patreon can finally be the solution.
Exactly like all the musicians, I have been sharing scores of videos for free, working hard in different fields to gain the money needed to build up a professional platform in the music industry.
Finally, thanks to all of you, crazily talented creatives like me can finally skip more often the thoughts about various expenses and concentrate on music, with an absolute certitude that the day is made again by 24 hours and not anymore by 36 or 48, like it sometimes feels!
Creatives like me have to spend their time producing happiness, in my case in a melodically shaped way.
On Patreon you can support me even with a simple monthly dollar, if you have not that much cash left for your passions! As usual, the intention and support is appreciated in any case, without measuring its size.
It is simple but absolutely amazing: I create, and you enjoy my music!

What will I do with your money?

Thanks to your support I will record my first complete CD and I will produce professional videos, using the best technology I will be able to afford. more I will earn, better will be the quality I will be able to afford.
The musical world I am about to show you is quite unusual today.
Even though I am fascinated by all the pop and rock musicians that shine now in the music industry, even though I am inspired by many of them, what I will bring through into this new music world is something that pop and rock music in general is still missing or simply skipping: which is definitely normal, due to a different approach to the musical material and to the different “predetermined” goal.
My music will of course relax you, will give you new melodies to whistle while you drive or take a shower, will give you an energetic boost or will touch deeply your heart, your soul; but above all, I believe it will be a psychological journey, also for you.
It is almost impossible for me to explain in few worlds and in a simple video what my music is about.
It needs to be heard.
But if I still have to, I can say that I will lead you towards a brilliant energetically shaped journey, where you will vibrate following the moods and emotional changes of my music.
What I really love of my timeless rock stars Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin is that they were composing feeling the voice of the Universe, drawing on a paper, using notes instead of words, the mechanisms of the natural life, in its physical and metaphysical aspect, showing with a secret language the back-stage of our life.
It’s not only my will that took me on this way: it’s a natural feeling, a subconscious desire.
But at the same time I feel close to all contemporary pop and rock stars, I mean with the same desire and will of composing easy listening music, also because at the end, Mozart as well was a Rock Star of his time! He as well was desiring to be close to his public, I mean going towards them and not always asking them to come close to him trying to “read” the underlined meaning of his music!
I like to have simply fun improvising on a simple and beautiful melody, with no intention to draw a secret map!
In me coexist a double nature: a very simple one and a very deep and old one! I can easily say, same as you! Everyone, with different intensity, is characterised by an “easy going” nature and a really complex and deep one.

Joining my community you will first of all have exclusive access to all my posts. Becoming my patron you’ll have full view of my videos, and in respect to your support, you will receive the links of the complete version of videos, becoming in this way a real patron and supporter of my growth, of my dream!
With the money I’ll get from all of you, I will finally plan and complete my first highly professional CD and videos.
The ones you’ll receive are made with tons of love, but not with the latest technologies and investing limited amount of money ( either those made by a great friend of mine, Arsenio, or those made by my self and my lovely Corina ).
I’m not here to sell you the most technologically advanced videos or recording yet!
I’m here to share with you my last 30 years, made of sacrifices, storms, nightmares, love, passion, dreams, …
You are here to join me going strong towards a goal I’m dreaming about since ages, a dream that I’ll reveal step by step in this journey I’m starting with you and thanks to your support.
I’ll see you soon in my first official post!
Cheers …! 

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