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About GiannyDev

Hello! My name is Gianny and I make tutorials on how to create video games on my youtube channel.
Currently working on my solo project called Escapatoria! A topdown game where you have to kill everything to survive. 
Also working on 5 new series on How to Create a Game (31/08/19). Cool tutorials 
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I have a Part-time Job right now, but my desire is to be a full-time game developer. Your support makes it possible for me to be able to quit my boring job and also allows me to focus on making great game tutorials for YOU!
My plans for the youtube channel is to create as many tutorials as I can, and with your help here I will make that 100% possible. 
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Hey guys!
With this income, I will be able to Quit my Part-Time job so I can spend my entire time creating content for you!
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