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Watch out citizens, Giantess Loryelle is approaching!
I do giantess special effect clips for over a year now and thanks to my fans I love it even more, than at the beginning.
This is just a short time period, but I think I've proven, that I' m interested in producing high quality videos.Thats why I'm often #1 on C4S Charts in Category Giantess Special Effects

I squished, vored, butt crushed countless tinies, but I did this as a normal sized woman with shrunken people. While I love that scenario and will always continue doing that kind of clips, I always dreamed of rampaging as a giantess through a larger city.
This is a clip I want to see, and I bet you want it, too. ;-)

So it is time to make a giant step further.
The only thing that kept me away from doing a giantess in the city clip, is the quality I can come along with, with my current budget. I want it to look good and somewhere near realistic. That means higher productions costs for a real giantess clip. I need extended software/plug-ins, 3D programs and models, stock footage, better hardware, props and other stuff.
But not only giantess in a city scenarios will be possible, also the quality of my shrunken people scenarios will improve with better equipment. If I get a budget, I could use new outfits, props and locations for example and improve the overall variety of my clips. Micro cities in a normal sized world would also be a scenario, I'd love to do.

Devouring little citizens, crushing tiny cars underfoot and butt crushing some buildings are onlya few scenarios I have in mind.

As the Patreon's audience grows, I want to bring fantastic, realistic looking giantess clips on a regular basis. So if you want to see what we can built up together, you totally need to join me on this.

Become my patreon and help me to bring me as a giantess in the big city.
Beside of that, I've added some goodies that I think you might find interesting, if you support me. These are just starters and may change/improve over the time. You may also send me some suggestions, what you'd like to see here on patreon for your continuing support.

I hope I can welcome you soon, that we can start exciting new projects.

Thank you!



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Get software and 3D models of buildings, cities, cars, busses and everything to make my clips even more vivid and exciting.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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