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About gibbed

Hello! I'm Rick, probably better known as gibbed. I do a lot of hobbyist game development stuff, particularly focused on modding or otherwise tinkering with the games I enjoy.

This Patreon serves as a place for those who want to directly support what I do.

Prefer to support me in another way? You can use or Muxy (if you support me this way, please include a note about what it was for, thanks!). Those not acceptable? Shoot me a message!

What am I currently up to?

What have I worked on recently?

A bit of history about me

Growing up I fell in love with two things: games & programming. Putting those two together, and I found myself modding games. I didn't do too much early of any significance, I tried my hand at plenty of things early on: QuakeWorld, Half-Life, Red Faction, Homeworld 2, etc. Eventually I found myself wanting to mod games that simply weren't built for it, or were unsupported by the developers. I tried until I made things work, if I could at all. Spending many years doing that, I've built up a skill set and a passion for pulling apart any game that I enjoy in my free time. If I've played and enjoyed it, I've probably done something with it. Nearly all of what I do as a hobby in my spare time with games is directly what I myself am interested in.

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