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Virtual hugs!
Once I set up a Discord server you'll get a special color!
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All the virtual hugs + 1.
Once I set up a Discord server you'll get an even even more special color!

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Err.. what... why would you do this?
I mean yes of course hugs, and special color on discord if I get around to it, but like... are you sure you didn't missclick?
I literally have nothing to offer in exchange, other than my thanks and a promise of working even harder on my stuff.
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Currently, I'm dedicating most of my free time developing Minecraft mods, and contributing to the Minecraft Forge project, but I also dabble from time to time in game development, writing, digital painting, electronics, and mostly anything else I happen to find interesting.

I will be spending as much time as possible developing my projects, but I do not currently have nowhere near enough income from it to do that full time. The more I receive from pledges the less hours I have to dedicate to an unrelated main job.
$9.05 of $1,193.58 per month
If I'm able to get at least $1000 per month I could afford to pay all the taxes and bills, without requiring a separate job.
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