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About Gigi Potemkin

Welcome to my Patreon! I am the author of “The Doll who Loved me,” a serial novel about an incel being haunted by his sex doll, as well as several hardcore erotica that achieved moderate success on Amazon… before getting me banned there. :D

This is the Patreon for all those who wish to support my writing, read all my works of erotica, and get early access to my novel, as well as other extra perks that you can read on the Patreon tiers above.

~ Library of works ~

~ The novel ~

“The Doll who Loved me” is a horror slash comedy slash drama story about a young, lonely man who gets haunted by his sex doll—and very slowly discovers his self-worth as he struggles to decipher and ultimately defeat this unlikely sensual foe.

The novel is currently being published for free, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, on my social media spaces, or for purchase in larger episodic volumes in all major online stores—yes, including Amazon.

Please check the content warnings before reading. There are some very explicit and overt discussions of, among other things, mental illness, physical and psychological trauma, abuse and self-harm, racism, immigration and nationalism, as well as very vivid and graphic depictions of sex.

Consider this novel a hard-R-rated work, that is, unsuitable for consumption by anyone under the age of 18 (eighteen) or by any reader who’s especially vulnerable to traumatic triggers by the aforementioned topics.

The novel is awesome, but it can be a really hard read if you’re not mentally prepared for it. Please contact me if you have any questions, and do some research on my other pages before deciding whether this is the right work for you.

~ The porn ~

Throughout my 3-year-long career writing smut for Amazon, I have churned well over 1.5 million words of ultra-spicy content—about half of which actually saw the light of the day on the store before getting me banned there.

Here, you can access, read, and download them all.

My writing tends to focus on giant and super-virile individuals—sex gods and goddesses who can *perform* for literally days on end without as much as a drop of sweat from their super-massive, outrageously gorgeous, hyper-muscular bodies.

My main fetishes are muscles and muscle worship, giant endowments, and ferocious, superhuman feats of peak sexual prowess.

The main “genders” of my works are, in order of prominence: straight sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, and futas.

Chances are, if you like the following creators, you will probably love my stuff: Kazart (of "Bill of the Beach" fame), Rubirosa, SizeQueenSupreme, SlutWriter, Rabies T. Lagomorph, Pokkuti, and Big Timmy.

~ Free content and contact ~

I’m publishing my content for free at a slow, but steady pace on the following links:

I also have a Twitter ( and an Imgur account (, but these are rarely used for anything aside of basic promotion.

I’m more active on Reddit, where my username is ( Come chat with me with you’re interested. ;)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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