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The Crew

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Thank you for your support, you're helping me release quality content at a low cost or for free.
  • Get the newest version of the game two entire week before public released.
  • Access to patrons only feed.
  • Access to discussion through Discord ('CREW' Discord role).


  • Early access two weeks before public released
  • Patron-only content feed
Includes Discord benefits

Human Resources

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per month
Test the game whenever a beta is available. You are also indispensable for us to get the game polished.
  • Everything above.
  • Participate in the closed beta testing of games.
  • Participate in Patron-only polls.
  • Access to unused content dump.
  • Access to discussion through Discord ('TESTER' Discord role).


  • Early access to participate in closed beta testing
  • Patron-only polls
  • Access to dump content
Includes Discord benefits

World creator!

Limited (16 of 20 remaining)
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Help let the game sexy to play.
  • Everything above.
  • Your opinion will be taken into account with more relevance in the polls.
  • Each month you can submit an idea (or ideas) for a new game graphic content, your idea will be added in the best possible way somewhere in the new game.
  • Your name in the credits (optional, let me know if you want).
  • Access to the secret version of the games, version with console for you to type the cheats (when they have).
  • Access to discussion through Discord ('CUSTOM GAME' Discord role).


  • Each month you can submit an idea for a new game graphic content
  • Your name in the credits
  • Access to the secret version of the games (when they have)
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Gillenew

Hey you! My name is gillymew and I usually do many different games, some years I released a mobile game called Ladyfox (and so when I started this patreon, I released the same game but nsfw Ladyfoxxx).
At the moment I've been working on some desktop games like: Sword of Fireheart, Omega Racers, and The Rescue of Mermaids which will be available on Steam soon (Here you can see more examples of games I already did

So you may be wondering " What am I doing here?", well, my focus with this patreon is to fund games and pixel art with mature content (hentai games, I confess that I always have this perversion with me), and with your support I can improving the quality of my skills and bring to life many of my ideas for hot retro games (and also your ideas too).

In return the community gets the custom designs content and custom games here free to play. I'll also bring some random animated and perv gifs sometime :3

Welp.. what is Monthly Game?

After much beat my head, I understood what I needed to do, what I'm saying is I should make games in the way of Ladyfoxxx, it means simple games that go straight to the point we want here (spicy/erotic interactive content <nsfw>).
With that in mind, every month I'm going to use all my knowledge to create a simple nsfw game for web/desktop.

The process of creating this monthly games will work as follows:
  1. First week - Definition of the theme and beginning of the sketch or prototype.
  2. Second week - Prototyping and testing to improve gameplay.
  3. Third week - Creation and implantation of graphic, sound and music.
  4. After the third week - Testing, polishing and finishing.

So what can I do to support Gille?

Beyond support with money, you can also play the games and giving your honest opinion as feedback, even if it's to fuck me up, you will help me better understand what I'm doing and improve my games.

Games under development
Nightcall Sex Dojo (May Game)
$5 Patron Version (Demo 0.1.0)
The Rescue of Mermaids
Public Version (Demo 1.15.3)
$1 Patron Version (Demo 1.15.2)
$5 Patron Version (Beta 1.15.5)
$15 Patron Version (VIP 1.15.5)

Games released
Nightcall Sex Dojo

Public Version (0.0.4)
Zero Core - Exile

Public Version (0.0.4)
Haunted Hump House
Public Version (0.0.6)
Play online
Memo Girls Saga

The Tiers

  • $1 - The Crew
    • As a crew member you will have access to the ship with all adult content and access to the public release two whole weeks before the rest of the world. You also have permission to access our secret base through discord.
  • $5 - Human Resources
    • You'll face the heavy closed beta testing, which means you'll have frequent access to all the latest beta versions. You can also give your opinion in our surveys and access our collection of unused things.
    • Find the polls here.
  • $15 - World Creator!
    • With this title, each month our duty is to create games that people want to play, so you can suggest some graphic content (which may be related to the new game theme) that will be added to the game, you can think this will be our private game jam and your opinion will be taken into account with more relevance. Sometimes I will make a secret version of the game with console for you to type the cheats. Finally, as a creator, nothing more fair than adding your name to the credits so everyone knows of your effort supporting us.
    • Submit your Graphic Content idea here.

  • $25 - Look, I'm in the Game!
    • Now you can let your creativity flow out from your head, each month I will guide you through the possibilities of the creatures we can create together ♥ Your characters as an actor/actress will to act in the month game, so we anticipate a lot of spicy scenes, prepare your characters to endure.
    • Submit your NPC Character idea here.

Gilly highlights!

All of my depicted characters are 18+ years of age, so adult characters just like you.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 International.
$149.25 of $250 per month
More games!
The money earned will be spent commissioning time for graphic assets and functionality for the monthly game under development!

$250 would allow me to bring you new game each and every month, instead of having to wait several months for the game release.
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