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You want to support, but you've only got loose change. That's cool! While you wait for your stingy aristocratic Uncle to raise your allowance or, alternatively, for your lucky break in the art world, you can enjoy patreon updates and any short stories I write. 


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Seals are the best of friends. They are loyal, they like fish, they are often overlooked in favour of those show-offs, dolphins, but they are always there when you need them (providing it's not nap time).

With a pledge of $5.00 every time I self-publish a book, seals will receive a copy of that book in .epub or .mobi format (pdf available on request), and acknowledgement within that book. 

Ugly Sweater Haver

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You are no mere supporter, no. You, dear friend, are a collector. Not content with an e-book, you want to display your reading material on a shelf with a signed print copy of one of my backlist of print books in addition to the rewards offered to seals and starving artists.

Currently, the print books I have on hand are all of the Thorns and Fangs and Deep Magic series, and Read by Candlelight 1, 3-7. If there's a book not listed you really, really want, let me know--it may take a bit longer to get to you but we can make it happen.




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About Gillian St. Kevern

Hey! I'm a queer individual writing LGBTQ fiction under the pseudonym Gillian St. Kevern. I write across a variety of genres, including gothic romance, mythological fantasy and paranormal romance. No matter what the genre, you can expect plot twists, atmospheric settings, and characters   All my stories feature LGBTQ characters in a prominent position, and I endeavour to write characters from diverse backgrounds. My fiction inspires and empowers readers.

Since returning to New Zealand in August 2016, I have been supporting myself entirely through writing. I'm able to supplement my fiction writing with freelance work, but I'm still a long way off from earning a liveable income from fiction alone. I'm working hard to change that, but I need your support. 

Like many authors, I'm in the process of finding my audience. One of the best ways to put my stories in front of readers is to be exclusive with Amazon by joining the KU programme. I'm against any one company having a monopoly on a market, and I strongly disapprove of many of the moves Amazon has made. On the other hand, Amazon has what no other online bookstore has: an algorithm that actively puts books in front of readers who will find them interesting. Any other book site, a reader has to search for an author or a book by title, but Amazon finds new readers for books. I would like to be in the position of supporting myself independently from Amazon, but ironically, at this stage in my career, I need Amazon's help to build a big enough audience that I can go wide. 

I've created this Patreon as an alternative for readers who want to support me/read my work, but don't want to use Amazon. The proceeds from this Patreon will go to editing costs and cover design in addition to my living costs, and will enable me not only to write more, but to continue to learn and improve my writing--and eventually, it will enable to say goodbye to exclusivity with Amazon and allow me to go wide. 

Note: While I have thought long and hard about taking these steps, both the creation of a Patreon and going exclusive with KU, if you have any concerns, please do feel free to share them with me. The best way to contact me is via e-mail: [email protected]
$47.70 of $500 per creation
If I reach the goal of $500 per book, this will enable me to meet the costs of cover art and editing, removing a big source of uncertainty for me, and enabling me to concentrate on making sure the next book is even better. Seriously, this milestone would make a big difference. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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