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About Gillian Ybabez

Hi, I'm Gillian.

I'm a writer of short fiction mostly scifi and fantasy with forays into other genres as needed. I try to write as many trans women characters as I can. Since my stories are frequently so short, this detail can get lost. So, when in doubt just assume the main character is a trans woman.

In the past, I have posted eight new stories a month(two a week). I'm slowing down to give myself more time to process and edit stories. My new output will be two to four stories a month.

All patrons get to new stories a week before they are available for the public. All my stories plus blog posts are also posted on my website,  They can be found on the Table of Contents page sorted by genre with serial stories grouped together at the top.

At the start of next year, I'll be putting together an ebook of stories from 2017 to sell on Gumroad and Amazon.  Last year's ebook, "Love and Comets" and Other Stories, can be bought here.

You can also find my stories on Facebook and tumblr and twitter.
Select stories from this year:

The Non-Adventures of Francine - a woman want to live a normal life but "the plot" keeps finding her.

Scrying Stew - A little peek at your future with lunch.

The New Interview with a Vampire (part 2) (part 3) - Monica is the commander of the mission to Kepler 186, the oldest person to command a space mission, and a vampire.

Homeward Bound - She just wants to go home but she can't find her way there.

Buffet Before the End of the World - It's the end of the world.  Rashida is the newest Guardian and this is her first apocalypse.

Don't Think - They have you but not your accomplices.  You interrogator can read your mind.  So just don't think. 

Even if you can't support me directly, sharing my stories on Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, or whatever social media you use is immensely helpful in letting new readers find my stories.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 111 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 111 exclusive posts

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