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Welcome you are a fellow traveler on this journey we are taking to become better artist. As a reward I will share with you

1) a 16 page PDF of the sketches I've made throughout the month. 2)You will also have access to exclusive Patreon videos.

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You are a big help to me on this journey. Included with the

1)16 page PDF of the sketches I've made throughout the month. 

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4)I will also post a high resolution image which you can download.



About Gil Robles

Hello. My name is Gil Robles. I am an Artist/ Illustrator/ YouTuber.
I've illustrated for a children's magazine as well as done caricatures for Bloomberg Magazine.
What I have really enjoyed doing has been creating videos on YouTube where I've shared my process and my interests in creating art.
I have decided to come on Patreon because I not only want to continue to create these videos, I want to make them better. I want to be able to afford better equipment, a good work space and continue to explore and share with my viewers the creative process and the fundamentals of drawing. I also want to keep up with and share the ever changing technological options open to today's artist. My aim is to be a full time content creator and share with you a life time of making art.
There will of course be rewards on this journey for whatever tier you choose to donate to. Sketchbooks, exclusive videos, prints, etc.
Take this journey with me and we will both get better as we travel along.

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With this I will be able to set up new equipment and introduce a new tier where I will include along with the other rewards a high quality artist print every month.
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