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Support the creation of future Love Not Found comics.

Early Updates & Announcements on upcoming projects, sales, or special/limited edition merchandise offers.

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SKETCHES. Includes works-in-progress and  warm-ups!

Behind-the-Scenes. Concept art and character designs for current and future projects.

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Comic Pencils & Process Notes. Look at penciled Love Not Found pages and fund out why Gina did what she did and why it works!

Comic Process videos. (semi-regular)

Sketch Requests. (semi-regular)

SFW pin-ups & illustrations

Digital collections of the Love Not Found comic chapters. (Does not include the graphic novels.)

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Come with me in Zero G
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NSFW Comics and eBooks 

Full length comics exploring the sexier side of Love Not Found and other mature audiences only titles! Early access to titles in progress!

Naughty Pinups & Doodles. Pinup art and sketches featuring Gina's characters, plus other original content!

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